Club Penguin Agents Party Review

Hey penguins!

WOW! June17, Dj Wazzer and I just had so much fun at our Club Penguin Agents summer party! It lasted over an hour and a half and was SUPER fun! It was one of the smallest parties I have ever had, likely because it was on a Sunday, and because we had to reschedule SOO many times, but it was still super fun!
Dj Wazzer, the newest addition to the Club Penguin Agents crew kicked off this party! Everybody had fun and Dj Wazzer was a GREAT party host! Here are some pictures of Dj Wazzer's Club Penguin Agents party:
Dj Wazzer went to the Iceberg, Nightclub, Pizza Parlour, and the Mountain! It was a fun-filled party for sure! In fact, one awesome penguin named Salwan4 loved Dj's party so much that he made a video about it! Check it out:

Also, my friend Syka took a picture of Dj Wazzer's party:
This is what Dj Wazzer had to say about his party:

Next, June17 took over and just like Dj Wazzer's party, June's was really fun and exciting!
June and anybody who was at his party really had a blast! They traveled all over the island and had so much fun! Once again, Syka took a picture of June's party:
Here are some more pictures, taken by June17, of his party:
And, here is what June17 had to say about his party:
As you already know, the party started at the Pizza Parlor. We danced there for about 2 minutes and I added about a dozen penguins. It was crazy! So many people asking for an add. Anyway, we then headed to the Dock. Again we danced and more people asked for adds. Then we head on over to the Mountain. We danced and had about 5 sled races with some of the penguins. Everyone started cheering my name and said I rocked xD. Next, I invited them to my igloo. I kinda lost SOME people(I think) . Everyone said "WOW" and everyone LOVED my igloo. We danced and I tried to give postcards, but it was too laggy because of all the furniture and people. We then waddled on over to the Nightclub. As usual, we dance and we also had a Dance Contest. It was fun! At least 10 people were competing. I then had the chance to send people postcards. They also sent some postcards to me, too. Then, we went to the Cove. People asking for adds and postcards. It got pretty intense. To end the party, we went back to the Pizza Parlor. Added a few more people. Everyone was sad when I had to leave. Anyway, that was it. 
And finally, the part that people cared about the least... Slidoo's party! Believe it or not, my party had less penguins at it than Dj Wazzer and June17's parties, but I'm fine with that! They deserve it! 

Although the party was small, it really was great! We had an amazing time and went all over the island, dancing, playing, and even eating country preserves!
We had so much fun exploring the Music Jam party! We never knew what we'd find, and then we came across a little snack...
After we finished our not so tasty snack, we went on and played some music, broke a stage due to the amount of penguins on it (sorry Club Penguin...) and had even more fun!
Sadly, the party ended... It ended in my favourite room in the Music Jam, the Coffee Shop! Everybody was sad...
But, after a bit of convincing, any penguins who were still there went to my igloo with me to check up on my puffles!
The party was, in my opinion, fantastic! It would have been nice to have some more penguins there, but it doesn't really matter because it was still awesome partying with a small group such as the one we had today! I know that all 3 of us would love to do it again... and in the near future, I'm sure we will! ;-]

-Slidoo, Dj Wazzer, and June17
The best staff ever. ;)

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:D I'm in there!!! I sat in your igloo for 15 minutes after you left! xD