Music Jam Special Announcement!

Hey Penguins!

Billybob has posted a special announcement on the Club Penguin Community Blog. Here is what Billybob has said -

Hello Penguins!

Thanks to you guys, Music Jam has been awesome this year! It's cool to see so many of you dancing the robot and starting up your own bands.

We heard a lot of you don't want the party to end... You asked... and we've listened! 

Guess what... We're extending Music Jam for you! Now EVERYONE can party for an extra week!

How are you going to spend the extra party time? Let us know in the comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

I think it's great that the Music Jam is been extended until July 4th! I love the Music Jam and will continue to party for an extra week!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author


Magno20 said...

hello im back and please visit my blogs thank you ur blog is looking amazing

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love this!!!! Because, of course, everyone loves Music Jam! *Feels excited* YEAH! This rocks! ^_^ GUIDE for emotes:
Laughing face: E+1
Smile: E+2
:| face: E+3
:/ face: E+U
Sad (1): E+4
Shocked: E+5
:P face: E+6
Wink: E+7
Green face: E+8
Angry: E+9
Sad (2): E+0
The emote guide is not related, but it is just to show you about this! ~Alfred9806

Grand futurewolf said...

why did you quit animaljam it is really cool now