The new newspaper is out!

WOAH!  Green puffles are in Jetpack Adventure now, and NOW black puffles are in cart surfer!!

Aww, not YET - but penguins are making sure it's safe, and then BLACK PUFFLES will play CART SURFER with penguins!  Cool!

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Lopakoy said...

Hi Slidoo! Sorry I haven't been commenting for a loong time.. I wass busy with school and stuff.

RC-1220 said...

Slidoo. Someone banned me on chat forever. I was unbanned the last time i was on chat, and when i logged back in at 7:24 PST, i was Banned.

Can you please unbanned me and find out who banned me?

Thank you


RC-1220 said...

Oh, BTW: Answer on my blog when you unbanned me.



(You know my blog)