Field-Ops 15 CHEATS!

The new field op is out!  To begin, go to the Command Room and go to the "Field-Ops" screen.

Now, accept your mission!

OH NO!  Now, where can we find a buoy... I know!  THE BEACH!

Walk up to the green buoy at the Beach, and then your spy phone will start ringing.  Answer it, and click "ENGAGE".

Another repeat?  You guessed it!  You're so smart ;-)  To play this puzzle, use your arrow keys to move your block. You must move the block under the one matching it above. Then wait until they hit eachother. Keep doing this a few times and you will beat it!

You've now finished the NEWEST Field-Ops, and get one medal for the Elite Gear!

These Field-Ops are getting worse every week, mainly because of the repeats - do you agree?

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