Fall Fair 2010 Complete Guide!

Hey there! The Fall Fair 2010 has just been released! ALL the fun is here!

The party is ALL OVER the island, and there are mini games EVERYWHERE!

The Fall Fair is an annual Club Penguin party, which means it comes around every year! I believe this is the fourth one! There are mini games all over the island which ONLY are available for play at the Fall Fair! You need to go PLAY those mini games (they’re quite fun, if I do say so myself :D) and earn TICKETS. Yes, not coins, but tickets! The tickets allow you to purchase SPECIAL prizes from the prize booth at the forest, or for members a special booth outside of the Puffle Circus! These items will ONLY be here for the Fall Fair and likely WON’T be back in the future, at least for a VERY long time! Remember: Once you log off, any tickets that you have NOT spent will be LOST and you will have to earn them again. To see your tickets, click the little ticket in the top right hand corner of your screen

Now, let’s get some tickets!

At the forest…

You can find PUFFLE PADDLE! This game is VERY fun to play and a great way to earn tickets!

At the Cove…

Here, you can find Feed-A-Puffle. This game is also fun and a great way to earn tickets!

At the Beach…

You can board Rockhopper’s SHIP! He’s got some cool new items and more fun aboard! Eye eye, me harties! xD You can also play the Memory Game, which is a challenging but surprisingly FUN mini game to earn tickets!

At the Dock…

You can play Ring the bell and Puffle Shuffle!! ANOTHER great place to earn tickets to get some COOL prizes!

At the Snow Forts…

There is a SECRET BONUS games room! Just walk through that little entrance and you’ll be in an area with some awesomely fun games! These are quick games and earn lots of tickets.

Members, there’s something JUST for you!

You can head over to the FOREST and go to the Great Puffle CIRCUS! THIS is something worth seeing!

You can just click on a puffle colour and a puffle will come out and perform for you!
These puffles are GOOD at the circus, don’t you think? :D

I just LOVE this Fair, don’t you? Although it’s pretty similar to previous years, it never seems to get old!

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