Field-Ops #14 CHEATS!

YAY!  Club Penguin has just released the newest Field-Op! To begin, go to the HQ.

Now, click on the Field-Ops screen! Next, accept your Field-Op.

FINALLY!  HERBERT is in one of these Field-Ops... actually, no he's not.  Go to the Iceberg to get your puzzle.

Now, walk up to the peak of the Iceberg. Now your spy phone will start ringing, click on it to answer it.

Now click on “ENGAGE” and play the puzzle! Hmm... is it a repeat?  HOW'D YOU GUESS!  YES it is ANOTHER repeat... To play this game, move the microchip around with your arrow keys, and charge up all the batteries! Remember to avoid the electric zapping things, and if you get electicuted by one or after charging a battery go to the green loading point where you start - that charges your microchip fully! Once you've charged all the batteries, you win!
YAY!  Another medal for the Elite Gear has been earned, and the island is once again, safe.

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~☺NOONE☻~ said...

ok well i tried to post this on your log in to two penguins blog and requested a blog dont have one so ill post here:
ok well i know how to log in to two penguins at one computer just open two tabs with of course it will say you have multiple tabs but dont worry just right click on the tab at the top of the page and select reload all tabs then the message will be gone then log in on both tabs and then you've logged into two penguin on one PC.
ps: i really want to join cpsmashbuddies reply if i can.
pss:i dont relly have site yet thats just to post this comment.

Anonymous said...

woot i got tactical boots all together now i have only 2 tactical gears to collect

Anonymous said...

slidoo HELP cp gave me a secret mission to find a lot of secrets around the island without using the newspaper plz