Field-Ops #13 CHEATS!

First off, I'd like to apologize that I'm a few hours late - school started today, and I just got out!

The new Field-Op is out.  To begin, go to the Command Room and walk up to the FIELD-OPS screen.

Now, click on the screen and accept your assignment.
Now go to the Hidden Lake and walk up to the odd submarine-like thingy in the corner.
Your spy phone will start ringing.  Click on it and click "ENGAGE".

...You guessed it!  ANOTHER repeat!  To play this puzzle, use your arrow keys to move your block. You must move the block under the one matching it above. Then wait until they hit eachother. Keep doing this a few times and you will beat it!

Congratulations!  You now have beat the newest Field-Op and have earned another medal for the elite gear.

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Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

Slidoo, have you seen the new stamps for earning EPF Medals? What about the new-ish postcards?
You should post about it! GAGOOOO JANJOO!!

Anonymous said...