How To LAUGH on Club Penguin!

This is something I don't think ANYONE else has noticed yet:

Today I was having fun on Club Penguin, so I started SMILING.  Then I realized, not only can you SMILE, but you can LAUGH by combining the big grinning emote and the normal smiling emote!

To do this, just press the "E" key on your computer, and then the "1" key.  Then, very fast, press the "E" key again and this time, press "2".  Keep doing this super fast, and you'll be LAUGHING on Club Penguin in no time!  Here's what it looks like if you do it correctly:

Pretty awesome, don't you think?  I'm not sure if others can see it going that fast, I hope they can, but even if they can't, it's still cool!

Please give credit and link to me if you use this for your own website.  Thanks!  =D

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