Field-Ops #16 CHEATS!

Yahoo!  The new Field-Op is out!  To begin, go to the Command Room and walk up to the "FIELD-OPS" screen.

Now accept your mission.

Next, go to the Dance Lounge!  And yay!  A new tool is coming next week!

Ok, now answer your spy phone... and THEN, ANOTHER repeat puzzle!  Joy.....

Come on Club Penguin, STOP giving us so many boring repeats!  To beat this puzzle, move the microchip around with your arrow keys, and charge up all the batteries! Remember to avoid the electric zapping things, and if you get electicuted by one or after charging a battery go to the green loading point where you start - that charges your microchip fully! Once you've charged all the batteries, you win!

Field-Ops getting worse and worse, TREASURE BOOKS getting worse and worse, PARTIES getting worse and worse, what's next?  ;-]

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Anonymous said...

i got it the second they updated