Club Penguin Gaming Puffle Reviewed by You!

Last week, CP asked us what games we think puffles would like to play with us! Njse2 said...

Maybe in sled racing black could make no snow for the others, white could make ice for you,orange could eat obstacles, blue could hit opponents with snowballs, red could do stunts, yellow could paint arrows to help, green could save you from falling, pink could dig holes, and purple could dance the snowramps after you. That woul be cool!
Yes, it would be cool! Very cool! All puffles working together to CRUSH THE OPPONENT! Sorry, I'm just riled up for Game Day! :D This week, they want to know what the most epic sports moment we;ve ever had on CP is! Be sure to click here and comment, because if your comment is picked, 10,000 coins are added to your account! :D Also, tell us what it is here! We want to know!

-Bobhead202, Hmm... I guess I'm a random author? Yeah! I like that! Random Author!
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вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

Nice Header! BTW, why did bobhead post? You said not to post unless your on vacation...

P.S. Check out the changes I made to our site! :D