Club Penguin Exclusive Penguin Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!
Today, I was checking out the new Club Penguin homepage. I saw something that is very mysterious about the updated homepage. With the edition of 3 new penguins, but I soon spotted the 4th penguin. This 4th penguin has never been seen on the island before. It's a very summer/beach penguin, that should be seen at the Island Adventure Party or Music Jam.
This penguin looks really cool! I would definitively want to be him. I wouldn't say he'd be in the January 2012 penguin style, but I would say he would be in the June or July edition of the penguin style catalog. Or, he could be in a future stage catalog. What I really like about him is the shorts and flip flops. I think I could really use those. What do you think of this exclusive? Do you thing he'll be on Club Penguin? Don't forget to leave that thought below!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author


mickman5 said...

Slidoo, DJ Wazzer and King Boo! I have something really exciting news! Here at Australia, we have a Disney Magazine. In it, theres a Club Penguin mni Mag and it has sneak peeks. In this one, there's a 2012 caleneder, and it says all of the parties next year, except for a few. Here are the ones:

January: Underwater Party!
Febuary: Unknown: But a Rockhopper quest included
March: Puffle Party
April: Medival Party
May: Unknown: But there is a clue of a ninja battle!
June: Music Jam
July: Unknown: But there is something to do with warm coats!
August: Massive EPF Battle (Probably Herbert wakes up)
September: The Fair
October: Halloween Party
November: Unknown: But there is lots of stamps involved
December: Holiday Party

I'm guessing that outfit has something to do with the Underwater party. I believe that Card Jitsu Snow will come out in May. In July, there is something to do with all the warm coats we drew. November is probably something to do with new stamps. And, August! Herbert out of Hibernation! That's awesome! Please, give me credit by having a party with me! Or a coin code or anything! My penguin name is: Mickman5.

Tekee Bytes said...

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