Club Penguin Updated Homepage

Hello Penguins!
For the 3rd time just this month, Club Penguin has updated yet another homepage. The homepage this time is all about the Coins For Change results coming on Jan. 5. To my surprise, I don't see anything about the New Year's Celebration going on now at the Iceberg and Ski Hill. Although, I see some new penguins that are in the updated homepage.
Like I told you, there are some new penguins on there that haven't been on the homepage before or on Club Penguin. It's a huge change from when the Holiday Party was here, now it's kind of back to normal. Expect, the bill board and  2-4 penguins that are usually seen on the homepage. What do you think of this 3rd updated homepage this month? Don't forget to comment below!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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