Holiday Party - Calendar Gift December 17th

Hey Penguins!

Another gift is available from the Calendar, at the Forest.

Click on the number '17' and you will be able to get todays gift. Todays gift is a CFC Cap -

Here is a reminder of the previous days items - 

December 14th - The Jingle Bell (hat)
December 15th - Holiday Tree Background
December 16th - Candy Cane Duo (Pin)

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

We are so sorry for not posting the Field Ops, Play at the Stage and Better igloos catalog cheats. These will be posted later this weekend.


Maddi said...

Have you read Piper's blog? She now has a lung problem. Some reward for cancer huh?

geckoguy Scott said...

Slidoo, what the heck? One month ago you posted on AJ Community saying you would come back if we wanted you to. 22 people commented on that post BEGGING you to come back. I would even except a "no" if your to busy. Just don't say you might come back and then never say the word "Animal Jam" again.