Club Penguin January 2012 Paychecks

Hello Penguins!
Just recently, it has finally turned 2012! That means a new month has come and a whole new year. Like every first day of each month, Club Penguin pays every penguin on the island that's a Tour Guide, EPF Agent, or both. We get paid between 250-350 coins, depending what you are. If you're a Tour Guide, it's 250 coins. Being an EPF Agent, you will get 350 coins. However, being both will get you will get 600 coins.
EPF Agent - 350 Coins:
Tour Guide - 250 Coins:
It's really easy to gain these coins each month. Simply, go to the EPF and complete the mini mission into becoming an agent. If you want to be a Tour Guide, wait until your penguin is 45 days old, complete the test, and  start some tours. Like I said, it's really easy to get this coins. You really don't have to give a tour after you're a Tour Guide or complete missions as an EPF Agent. As long as you are a Tour Guide or an EPF Agent, you get coins each month on the 1st. Did you get paid yet? Don't forget to comment below!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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