Club Penguin Times Issue #320

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Times Issue #320! In this new issue it tells us about the head story, latest events, and much more! I think this is a pretty cool newspaper and it also includes the latest stories about the new Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 which will be released to Club Penguin on the 15th!

The feature story is telling us about Coins for Change coming during this Holiday Party! It's also telling us to help and donate to change the world! I sure know I am going to donate and help all of my fellow penguins. Are you?
This story is telling us how the Ice Rink is back to Club Penguin! I think this is very cool and I can't wait to start playing at the Rink!
This is the upcoming events, this week it is telling us about the three new latest events coming out soon or events that have already came out. This week it states this:
  • Starting Now: Snow and Sports Catalog
  • Starting Dec. 15: Better Igloos Catalog
  • Starting Dec. 15: Rockhopper Arrives!
This new newspaper includes some really cool things huh? I can't wait until Rockhopper visits the island of Club Penguin and the Better Igloo Catalog Catalog which is coming out very soon! What do you think about this new newspaper? We would love to hear so comment below!

~Gokhan137, Club Penguin Agents Author

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