Field Ops #59

Hey Penguins!

Agents should head over to the EPF Command Room, because G has some new orders.

Here are this weeks orders -

G wants us to go to the Lighthouse and upgrade the security.

This weeks Field Ops location is at the Lighthouse. Stand by the box with the bottle on it -

When you are stood next to the box, your Spy Phone will flash, click on it and you will be able to play this weeks mini-game.

For this weeks mini-game, Agents have to power up the chipset - 

Use your arrow keys to move the battery around. You need to go to the power stations (The grey boxes) and power them up. You may need to go back and get some more power (from the green circle) -

When you complete the mini-game, you will earn a medal!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

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