Club Penguin Holiday Party Cheats 2011

Hello penguins! As you know, the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 has arrived! Also, here at Club Penguin Agents we have all of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Cheats! This holiday party has a lot of new things for us penguins to explore. Also, during this party we will be able to collect a lot of items.I know you must be excited, so lets get started with the cheats!

12 Days of Christmas:

This is one of the very unique activities Club Penguin is allowing us penguins to do this year. We will be able to go to the forest and click on the box that corresponds to the current day. Once you click it you will be able to unlock a FREE Club Penguin item! The items that have been released so far is for the 14th and 15th. The items are "The Jungle Bell" hat and the "Holiday Tree Background." Here is how it looks in the forest.

This year, members are sure in for a treat! If you are a member you can access the Bakery by using the staff door in in Dance Lounge. At the Bakery you can unlock two new items! The first item is a free baking apron which you can obtain at the pile of aprons in the top left corner. The second item is an exclusive ginger bread igloo which you can obtain at the microwave.

Santa's Sleigh:

As always, you can access Santa's Sleigh from the Dance Lounge! To obtain the free items at the end you have to deliver 15 different presents to 15 different igloos. After you complete this you will be able to collect a free item at the end! There are actually three different versions of the item that you can win at the end. The versions are red, green, and gold. Check it out for yourself.

Coins for Change:

As every year, Club Penguin has a virtual coin drive. This is called Coins for Change! Each year us penguins will be able to donate coins to three different categories. The categories include the following, build safe places, protect the earth, or provide medical help. Also, the cool thing this year is that you can donate up to 10,000 coins instead of only up to 5,000 like last year.
Also, if you donate a free exclusive pin will be added to your inventory. All you have to do is just donate to any of the three categories in Coins for Change and you will receive the free pin, pretty cool huh? This is how it will look when you obtain this item.

During the party, Club Penguin has also released some new postcards with items that we can send to our fellow penguin friends! You can send the gift by selecting the give a gift postcard. Once you send it the user will automatically receive the postcard along with the gift. This is pretty cool don't you think? This is how the postcard looks.

Another thing that Club Penguin always does is that Rockhopper visits Club Penguin for the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011! I think this is very cool as all of us will have a chance to add and collect his background. I think it would be very cool to meet Rockhopper don't you? We have also heard rumors that Aunt Arctic may also be coming to the island for the party!
That's pretty much it penguins! I think Club Penguin did a great job with this party as always. I wonder what other surprises us penguins have during this. How well  do you think Club Penguin worked on the Holiday Party? We would love to hear so comment below!

~Gokhan137, Club Penguin Agents Author

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