Rockhopper Docks - December 2011

Rockhopper has docked his ship at the Beach on every server of Club Penguin! Rockhopper is Club Penguin's first mascot, a pirate penguin, who comes regularly to Club Penguin. He is a big Coins for Change supporter and can be met on the island during the Holiday Party of 2011!

Club Penguin Agents will be tracking Rockhopper... Stay tuned for more information!

Like always, Rockhopper's ship can be accessed by any penguin on the island - member or non member. You can find his pirate ship at the Beach! In his ship, called the Migrator, you will find a unique multiplayer game called "Treasure Hunt". It is a fast and efficient way to earn coins and have fun! It is located in the Captain's Quarters.

In the Ship Hold, you can purchase and receive special items that will only be found in Rockhopper's catalog! Let's have a look at the items he brought along this time:

Rockhopper's Rare Items December 2011:
Free Item: Globe Hat - all players - free.
T-Shirts: Build Safe Places - members - 100 coins.
Protect the Earth - members - 100 coins.
Provide Medical Help - members - 100 coins.
Furniture: CFC Beanbag Chair - members - 200 coins.
Background: Coins for Change Background - all players - 60 coins.

I am a bit disappointed to see that all items except for the Beanbag Chair are repeats. However I am glad that Rockhopper has returned to the island and I can't wait to play Treasure Hunt again! What are your thoughts?


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