Coming Soon: Underwater Expedition Party January 26-31 Commercial

Hello Penguins!
Today, Club Penguin has uploaded a brand new video on YouTube, mainly about our upcoming party this January 2012. The Underwater Expedition Party is now being seen on commercial on channels like Nick, Disney, etc. Like the Holiday Party for 2011, it will show some exclusive rooms and how to get clothing items to get prepared for the new party.

Wow what an amazing commercial for the Underwater Expedition. It's a short party for Jan. 26-31, but it's sure to be full of fun and exploring for those adventurers. The homepage looked a little different as well. Like the construction stage for the party, with Rookie and Rockhopper. Why would Rockhopper be on the homepage? Do you think he might be coming to the party as well with Rookie? Remember to comment below!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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