Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Log In Screen

Hello Penguins!
Today was the big announcement of the new upcoming party in January 2012. With that being said, the Underwater Expedition is the place to be in January leading to a great new log in screen involving mostly about the Underwater theme of the expedition. This really on shows that date, name of party, background, and more in this months party log in screen.
This Underwater Expedition is starting to get big on the island. This new log in is pretty cool, with the showing of the logo, date the party starts, and background. It reminds me of the Festival of Flight, because the whole island was in the air. But, this time the whole island will be underwater for the first time. What do you think of the new log in screen? Leave a comment below!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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