Club Penguin New Community Poll (1-5-12)

Hello Penguins!
Recently, a brand new edition of the Penguin Style catalog. With all the new underwater outfits, Club Penguin has specifically made a brand new poll in honor of the Penguin Style catalog. The poll question is: A new Penguin Style catalog is out now! What's your favorite outfit? Below is the answers to the poll on what you might want to pick.
  • The Divers Suit
  • The Pink Stripe Bikini
  • The Marine Vest Outfit
  • The Hip Red Jacket
Wow, there's a lot of different choices to choose form the catalog as your favorite item. My personal favorite is The Hip Red Jacket. You can wear it anytime you want during the summer, it will still be stylish and in season. What's your favorite item in the Penguin Style catalog from the choices in poll. Drop your thought below in the comments!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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