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Hey penguins, check this out!

I recently received a comic from an Australian penguin named Mickman5! Mickman says that he received a copy of the Australian Disney Magazine.. and in it were some cool exclusives! He tells me that it told its readers a few of the year's upcoming parties... Let's have a look at the cool info he gave me:

January Party: Underwater Party! Underwater party? Hold on... That sounds possible! Take a look at this bizarre statue that has been lying around since 2010...
This statue is rumoured to have a huge amount of water underneath it! Will this have something to do with the Underwater Party for January 2012?
February Party: Unknown Party... However, if this information is true, a Rockhopper Quest will be somehow involved in the February 2012 Party!
March Party: Puffle Party
April Party: Medieval Party
May Party: Unknown Party... But there is a "Card-Jitsu battle clue"! Could this be a sign of Card-Jitsu Snow, or have something to do with the mysterious "shadow ninjas"?
June Party: Music Jam
July Party: Unknown Party... But it has something to do with "warm coats"!
August Party: "Massive EPF Battle"... Mickman thinks this has something to do with Herbert waking up, maybe? Hmm...
September Party: The Fair
October Party: Halloween Party
November Party: Unknown Party... but lots of stamps involved!
December Party: Holiday Party

So because it will take, like, 24 hours for me to get to Australia, I have no way of confirming this information because there weren't any pictures given to me... But some of this stuff sounds pretty promising! What do you think? Is it real? Is it bogus? Thanks so much Mickman5 for sharing this information with me!



mickman5 said...

Slidoo, I gave Saraapril some pics and you can see them there.


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Maddi said...

Thanks anyway.... I think I'm screwed now :) And I think Java is messing up my computer... posting is a pain in the butt. I was typing the comment and the words kept going to the URL thing on the top of the screen. Sometimes I computers...