Puffle Rescue Is out!!

Puffle rescue is out and there are A LOT OF BUGS. It's kinda fun though!

First, you pick your level.

Blue is for all players, but only members can rescue the black and pink puffles. Also, the caves are back! To get into the under water room, you must be a member... and you have to have the moss key. You find this in the underwater room. You're probably reading this going... wha?? How do you get in, to unlock the thing to get in! Well, you have to play the black puffle level. In level 1 of the black puffle round, you have to go get the black puffle who is straight ahead of the starting point... just press ans hold on the up arrow ntil you get to the puffle. Then stop, and wait for a gigantic squid to swim under you. Bubbles will be coming after it, and you have to hop from bubble to bubble to the underwater room! Then, you see a screen like this:

You will then appear in the under water room, where you can pick up the moss key!

Then, once you have it, you can go into it without playing the game!

Here's a video I made to show you how to get the moss key.

Also, in the main cave, we used to have to dig to get pieces of a gem... now you dig for coins!

If you don't have the hard hat or the shovel, you can get one for free in the caves!

Here is what the game looks like.

The black puffle (under water, members only)

The pink puffle (in some sort of mine-like place, members only)

The blue puffle (in some sort of partly frozen water, anyone can play)

I like the blue puffle levels the best. What about you?

This is what it looks like when you rescue a puffle, and bring it back to your starting point:

Cool huh? This is what the mine now looks like!

I recorded a bit of my first time playing Puffle Rescue ever! Here it is:

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