Penguin Play Awards are Here! New Puffle Catalog! ****UPDATED!****

The penguin play awards are back!  Yay!  There are sevral free items!  Here is what the plaza looks like.

Go into the stage where all the action is happening!  There you can watch videos about the 5 nominees, and see the stage!

Just like last time, there is a backstage for members only.  There are 2 free items in here.  I circled them in red.

The free items there are the play award (like last year) and the video camera!  As usual, there is a catalog called the costume trunk.  In this costume trunk, they have a few costumes from all the 5 nominees.  Here are the cheats to find hidden items.

You get the penguin awards background!  Also, there is another free item... this time for everyone!  It is at the Dock, which is also decorated!

It is the press hat!  Also, the Pizza Parolor is set up for the celebration!

Cool huh?  And, we can't forget about the nominees!  To vote, go to the plaza, and click on the voting box.

Next it will ask you to continue.  Click that.

Then, just select the plays you want to vote for!

Here is a little recap of the plays that are in the awards.  Unfortunately, recording sound didn't work.  I'll try to figure that out.

  And, our favourite Club Penguin hosts will be partying backstage!!  You have a chance to meet with Aunt Arctic, and DJ Cadence if you are a member! (Thanks, Jediluke8!)  This calls for...

Found a penguin?  Go onto the Slidoo  Comment tracker and let everyone know the location of the penguin!!  You can access the tracker by clicking here

Also, there is a new puffle furniture catalog!  Here are the cheats to find hidden items.

So, the orange puffle stuff is there!  There is also a weird Salon Chair... not sure why that's in the puffle catalog but Ok!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner



Policeman655 said...

Have you seen my banner yet??

Anonymous said...

slippeestars here i like the play award my 2 won lots of free iteams

Anonymous said...

slippeestars here the hair salon is there cause that was at the puffle party it dose there hair

Anonymous said...

slippeestars here my party in 30 min!server fjord place my igloo day today!we will play games my st patriks party!

Jediluke8 said...

Slidoo we only get to meet Aunt Arctic and Cadence this year check the membership page.

Oopsyocto155 said...

Contest on Oopsyocto155's site! Banner making! Please enter!


Policeman655 said...

I have made my chat public again!

Podlepops said...

my favourite play is quest for the golden puffle!! It reminds me of Indiana Jones LOL CP Play Awards is really exciting :)