April Fools Party Sneak Peek!

The April Fools day party will be out soon, and here is a sneak peek of what will be in the fun:

I can't wait!!  The April Fools day party is always one of my favourites... right after my number one favourite, the water party which Disney does not seem to like!!  It hasn't EVER came since Disney bought club penguin!  Oh well, this party looks pretty cool!   Last year we were introduced to the box demension... will there be something wacky like that this year!?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


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Policeman655 said...

I can make things go upside down with penguin storm!

☺Slidoo☻ said...

this isn't just upside down police!

coolman12743 said...

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A header that is 700 pixels wide (I don't know how tall).
My penguin picture on it (I'm on your friend list in Club Penguin)
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I would like green,blue and black.
I want a animation banner.

Hope this isn't too much!
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Jediluke8 said...

Congrats slidoo for winning toys' contest! And congrats to myself for winning.

Lopakoy said...

hi slidoo, how do you make snowflakes fall in your site?

Original Banners said...


Magno20 said...

sorry i have not got back i did not relice u had a blog sorry i am adding this blog to my blog links.