Club Penguin MOVIE To Be made?

So, bettertv released a video where they got to go BEHIND THE SCENES of the Club Penguin headquaters!  WHICH IS IN CANADA!! (I am going to the very place where it is this summer for 2 weeks!)   Anyway, Lane Merrifield (Billybob) was talking to some kids in the video, and one of the kids asked if Club Penguin will make a movie!  Billybob said that he doesn't know yet, but they are thinking about it!!  That would be awesome!!!! A Club Penguin movie! 

I think they will do it!  Do you?  Billybob said that they love doing what the kids ask, and that sevral people have asked about a movie!! He says they are thinking about it.  Also, look at this picture from the movie.

GRAY penguins!!  Will we be able to buy the colour soon? 

Also, I met DJ Cadence today!  She moved around A LOT... LIKE EVERY 10 SECONDS! here are some pictures I took.

In that one I'm right beside her!

Me and her again!  I've met her three or four times now... have you ever met her? 

Be sure to check out my stories page!  I am writing my first ever story!  Finally, someone named Slider94 is helping me put up a second sidebar!  Thanks, Slider94!

Thanks Slider94!  The site looks great with two sidebars!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

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Hello Slidoo how do you make it snowIf you dont wanna tell me its ok but can we please meet on cp and be each others buddy