New Contest and Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek!

So, the club penguin blog just posted another sneak peek for the new Nintendo DS/DSi game coming in June or july, called Herbert's Revenge...

They say that agents will have to explore the underground caves!  Sounds cool!  It also says that there is a lot coming up for secret agents very soon... I wonder what that will be... like, maybe, a brilliant idea would be A NEW MISSION!  Who's with me? 

Anyway, I am having a new contest!  Instead of banner making, it is random picture making!  The rules are that you have to make a random picture with dimensions 800x600.  This is what you will need to include:

at least 1 random picture
your penguin name/user name
the text "random picture"
your site link (if you have one)
anything else you would like to include!

Here is my example:

See?  I want it to be REALLY RANDOM!  Email me the pictures at OR you can comment on this post with the link to the picture.  In my banner contest a while ago I got about 30 entries... can we get even more this time?  ONE PERSON CAN ENTER UP TO 4 TIMES!  The first place winner will receive a free 6 month Slidoo Premium Membership.  The second place winner will receive a free 1 month membership... enter today!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

1 comment:

Queen Binawa said...

CRUD! This is going to be HARD... Paint isn't working so I can't enter.... CRUD!!! (Bangs head on wall)