Penguin Play Awards!

So, the penguin play awards are returning to the stage TOMORROW! But...

Club Penguin updates earlier now!  They'll probably be out LATER TODAY!! So, we already know this, but here are the Nominees that we will be voting for.

Cool plays!  Remember, we will be voting in these catagories: Best play, set, music, costumes, and special effects. 

Also, this is random, very, very random but you gotta see this.

That is now officially my FAVOURITE video on Youtube...

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner



Policeman655 said...

I can moonwalk on cp!

River racer said...

I think that im gonna vote for Underwater Adventure cuz it was coolio!!

~River Racer

River racer said...

Hey can I have a banner? Here is my info:
My penguin name: River Racer
Site name: Clubpenguin Press
I want it to say: Get the best cheats!
Picture Url:
Its a banner
What do you mean by dimenson in pixels?? (the height should be 200 and the width 150) The backround should be blue and green.

~River Racer