Monster Muzak Non-Members Bug

Hello penguins!

Recently Club Penguin released a new DJ3K mix, called "Monster Muzak". DJ3K mixes are supposed to be for members only, but a penguin named Icy Jax told me that non members could buy this one, too... And it's true!

So, if you're a non-member, you can purchase this record at the Nightclub! You cannot play it in DJ3K, but you can walk around displaying the record in your hand and on your player card. This is a very cool bug and I like it because non-members like myself can carry a member only item! Do you think it is supposed to be this way, or is it most likely a bug?



Je45rry said...

I think that this is a bug, because if it would be like that way, non members would be able to use them in the DJ3K Game. Though it is a cool bug! :)

Alfred9806 said...

I hope Club Penguin will leave this bug alone... Because non-members can get members only item! And.. Ugh... I better buy this now...