Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party Cheats Guide

Hello Penguins!
I hope you have picked your side. Because, the 1st annual Card-Jitsu Party has released! Lots of surprise came at this party. All new decorated rooms, tons of free items, mini games, and more! It's very simple to get all the free items this year at the party, as long as you follow the steps below.

First, when you login for the party you should get this invite to all penguins for the Card-Jitsu Party this year.

Fire Ninjas can battle at the, Snow Forts, Town, Dock, or beach.
Water Ninjas can battle at the, Snow Forts, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Forest, or Cove.
If you saw I said "Snow Forts" twice, it’s because the forest in half water and half fire.
Non-Members Free Items:
There are 2 new non-member free items. The first one is at town for Fire Ninjas and if you picked the fire side for the Card-Jitsu Party, this is a perfect item for you.

The last free non-member item is at the Plaza. This item is for all those Water Ninjas and if you are on the water side, this would be the item to get.

Those are some awesome items for this year’s non-members to play they all out Fire and Water ninja battles.
Members Free Items:
There are 2 new member free items located at the same place. Below, will be a guide to obtain these items on to your player card.
1. Go to the Forest on map and waddle into the Water Ninja underground room or go to the dock and waddle into the Fire Ninja underground room. (These are both the same rooms, just different ways to go there.)

2. Now, that you have entered the room, what you have to do to is simply hit the target of either water or fire.
3. Who ever wins (water or fire), they will get a free item. Below, if fire ninjas win then you have to waddle over to the item, after the gate over it opens and you can get this:

Now if the water ninjas win, all you have to do is waddle over to the item, after the gate over it is open, and you can get this:
Now remember, after one side when the gate will open on whom ever side wins to get the free item, but the gate will close in 5-8 seconds. A tip would be to stand close to the free item and when your team wins you can get really fast.
Mini Game:
This is one of the mini games at the party that is for members or non-members. At the Stadium is the Battle of Water VS Fire. There are many steps into play to mini game. Below, you must carefully follow the guide to win this game.
1. You must pick your side. Fire or Water?

2. You must choose your amulet. Fire, Water, or Snow?

3. Once you are standing on the side you want and standing on the part of the Amulet you want, all you do is watch for the card your side will pick and see what the other side card will be. After, they will throw the Fire & Water, Snow & Water, Water & Fire, Water & Snow, Fire & Snow, or Snow & Fire.
Wow, this year’s party is a very cool and creative party for all penguins! We just showed some rooms, but there is whole ton then just the rooms above. Choose carefully on your side, it's really hard to decide, but in the end it's a wise choose. Have you check out this party yet? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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