Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Party is Here Now!

Hello Penguins!
Today Billybob on the Club Penguin Community Blog released a brand new post! This post is about how the Card-Jitsu Party released on the island yesterday. Billybob will talk about how this ninja celebrated party has released and he will have if we have found the surprise for Fire and Water ninjas.

"We've officially launched the first ever Card-Jitsu Party! We're excited to see so many ninjas celebrating..."

"Have you discovered the big surprise for Fire and Water Ninjas yet? For the first time ever, ninjas can change the weather!! You just need 3 or more ninjas to dance outside. The more ninjas dancing, the more awesome it gets. Check out the action at the Snow Forts:"

"We can't wait to hear what you think of the party! Let us know about your favorite part in the comments!"
That was a great post about the Card-Jitsu Party from Billybob! I love the party so far. Also, the surprise is pretty cool, were the spy will turn blue and rain if there is 3 or more water ninjas. Or, when the sky is orange and rains fire if there is 3 or more fire ninjas. I think they feature brings the party alive. Don't you think? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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