Club Penguin Video: Warm Coats Art Slideshow

 Hello Penguins!
Today, I was checking out some of my emails about YouTube. I have came across 1 an email from Club Penguin Channel about they have uploaded a new video on their channel. This new video is about all the penguins that have drawn a penguin in coat. What they have done is put all them in a slideshow to show us all the different creative penguin looks.

I thought this video was very neat and creative. I didn't know so many kids that play Club Penguin were so artistic. My favorite one was the picture with Rockhopper and 2 other penguins getting their coats. Remember you have by tomorrow (November 29,2011) to submit your penguin in a coat! Have you submitted one yet? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

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