Club Penguin Pufflescape Stamps

Hello Penguins!
Club Penguin just released their big new game called Pufflescape. Along with that they have brought out 11 new stamps to our stamp book this month! They are all about Pufflescape. You can earn these stamps by playing the game at the pet shop today!
This are really cool stamps to earn in this new game. Some are easy, but some might just be a challenge. I hope you can earn all these stamps soon! I would love to earn them right now, but stamps will take time to earn then they hard. Have you earned any of these stamps? Tell me in a comment nelow!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author


penguin 515 said...

cool site slidoo!
i like the template!
you might know me on club penguin because i am your buddy and i also have a club penguin cheats site called

devyn786 said...

Did you post this today?