Ultimate Rockhopper Tracker September 2011

Rockhopper is back on Club Penguin and we here at Club Penguin Agents are ready to track him down! But don't worry, we won't hurt him when we find him... We'll just get his autograph.

This year I am teaming up with 3 of my friends to make the best Rockhopper tracker you'll find! Those 3 penguins are Gokhan137, Josh29, and A11766! We will be each tracking using the TrackingPenguinsCP chat group. We will be sharing the chat which you will help us track on! Once the location of Rockhopper has been found, I will update the tracker below.
***Make sure to refresh the tracker every few seconds for better results***

Sometimes I will be at school, or busy, and won't be available to update the tracker. It may be being updated by another person (Gokhan, A11766, or Josh) but if not, make sure to pay close attention to the chat - somebody may say the location of Rockhopper!

Here is the Rockhopper Tracking chat:

When tracking Rockhopper, remember to follow these rules:
-No posting links AT ALL!
-No spamming/smiley spam
-No asking to be mod/owner
-No saying fake locations. This will result in a forever ban.
-Do not chat, just track! This is a chat box made for tracking only.
-No bad language/inappropriate language
-Don't shout "WHERE IS ROCKHOPPER??". We're all looking.
-Have fun tracking!

More Rockhopper tracking tips will be posted once we know more about his server/room trends.

Rockhopper's New Playercard:


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