Club Penguin Times Issue #310

Hello Penguins! June17 here!

Today, we have a new issue of the Club Penguin Times. This week's main story is talking about the "Bumper Cars" track in the Stadium, followed by big news for Puffles, and then our upcoming events. Lets get started!

Grab yourself a Bumper Car from the Gift Shop because you're gonna need it, in the all new Bumper Cars track in the Stadium, exclusive only in the Fair! Many penguins are rushing towards the Stadium to get in the action! Even Rockhopper was spotted in the crowd! Be warned, RH only stops for Puffles!! Get in the action, before it's too late! Fair ends on October 5th.
Puffles are in for a big treat! PH, the Puffle Handler has been spotted carrying boxes into the Pet Shop! One news reporter got to talk with PH. She said she's preparing something for the Puffle Catalog. Can it be the Puffle hats we all been hearing about? Maybe! Stay tuned next week for more details!Now we move on to the upcoming events! Here they are:

Starting Now: New Prizes!

October 6: Penguin Style Catalog and Big Plans for Puffles Announced

October 13: Better Igloos Catalog
What do you think of this week's newspaper? Tell us in the comments!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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