2 Fall Fair Sneak Peek Videos!

Today a new video has been posted on Club Penguin's official YouTube channel. It is a sneak peek to the Fall Fair! Take a look at the video...

Hmm... this video seems to show us that this Fall Fair is almost identical to previous years, which is a bit disappointing. However, I am still really looking forward to the fair! From what we've seen so far, what is your favourite part of this year's fair?

UPDATE: I have just found another hidden video! When you click on the Stadium in the first video, this video will come up!

Wow! Now that looks cool! What do you think?



Alfred9806 said...

The Fair would disappoint me, and I hope you all can guess why I feel that way.
Right, right... I'll honestly tell the reason:
There are no new Fair games, and the more games, the more fun during the Fair.

Alfred9806 said...

Seriously, the Fair needs more new games, and even Revgreen, the author of CP Reporters, said that the Fair disappoints him. It isn't satisfying!