New Theme - Pros & Cons! You Decide!

As you can see, I have given the blog a totally NEW and original look. There is no Club Penguin blog in the world that looks like this, but that's what I always aim for. I asked my Twitter friends what they thought, and got about half "yays" and half "nays".

Let's take the time to think about the pros and cons (positives and negatives) about the new theme.

-Totally original!
-No header, so the posts appear higher on the page
-Loads faster **for most computers**

-No header! Some people want that header!
-Not blue! Some people prefer blue themes.
-Too many colours! Some think the colours clash with eachother.

Have a pro or con to add to the list? Comment!

There are also a few things I'd like YOU to help decide on!

You Decide Questions

On this theme, there will be 10 posts per page, each with "read more >>" buttons. OR I can have only 1 to 2 posts on each page, but without the "read more >>" buttons! You decide! Comment with your answer!
Update: There are now 2 FULL posts per page! Thanks for your thoughts!

Currently on this theme, the post area is light yellow. OR I can change it to light blue and the background can be light yellow! You decide! Comment with your answer!

But there's one question I really want you all to answer...

Comment with your answers. Be polite, I WILL listen!



blane8 said...


thekoolman3 said...

Yay! I think you should have 10 posts per page, and have the Read More >> buttons.

And, keep the post area yellow!

This theme is totally epic, and I wish I could have a theme like it on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work on mobile, meaning iPad, iPhone, or regular phone. :/ Great theme otherwise though :D

Sail Bud said...

It looks a lot like Club Penguin's theme well I really like it, YAY!!!!!!!!

But there should be some more posts per page.

-Sail Bud

Anonymous said...

Yay for the penguin sticking out of the sidebar. Nay for everything else. I'm sorry. Just doesn't seem inviting.

Anonymous said...

imma be honest here. it looks horrible.