The Fair Walkthrough

Hello penguins!

Yup, you've guessed correctly... This year's Fall Fair is here! Or, should I call it, "The Fair"? Yes, rumours say that Club Penguin has changed it to The Fair because it is not fall all around the world! Fair enough... Let's begin!

What is the Fair? How do I use tickets?
The Fair is without doubt one of the best annual parties in Club Penguin. Not only does it have items, special rooms, and mascots... But it's filled with exciting mini games! Mini games give you tickets, not coins, however. When you play a game, you get tickets! The amount of tickets you receive depend on how well you did in the game. You can then use tickets to buy items at the prize booths! Even non members can do it, too! Warning: When you log off, you lose all tickets that haven't been spent!

Mini Game Locations
So now that you know what the Fair is all about, I'll show you where are the games are!

Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop are located in the Bonus Games Room, which can be accessed from the Snow Forts.
Enjoy these two games! Puffle Soaker is one of my personal favourites.

Spin To Win, Ring The Bell, and Puffle Soaker are located at the Dock.
I am so glad to see that Spin to Win is back at the Fair! It was my all time favourite, but has not been in the past few Fairs.

Puffle Paddle and Memory Card Game are at the Forest!
Both of these, especially Puffle Paddle, are extremely fun games!

Feed-A-Puffle can be found at the Cove!
This is a great, and slightly challenging game!

Those are all of this year's Fair mini games! Good luck earning tickets!

Prizes! Spend your tickets here!
Have you collected a lot of tickets, and want to put them to use? Great! Just simply head over to the Forest and you can visit the Prize Booth!
Or, if you're a member, there is another prize booth outside of the Great Puffle Circus!
What is your favourite item on these prize booths?

The Great Puffle Circus (Members Only):
The Great Puffle Circus is back and better than ever! It is once again for members only. You can access it from the Forest!
I really like the Brown Puffle's act! This is the first time brown puffles have been in the Puffle Circus.

Free Background!
Wait, the fun isn't over!? Nope! There is one last part of the Fall Fair - a free background for all users! All you need to do is have the camera at the Ski Village take a picture of you, and you'll get the background... Free!
First stand on the podium, and then click on the camera! You will receive a free background! Enjoy!

Although this years Fair has the same games, the island's decorations are new and look fantastic! What are your thoughts on this Fair? What is your favourite part?


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