Membership Page Outdated?

Hey penguins!

Recently, I was checking the Club Penguin blog for any updates, and I noticed something about odd. If you go to the membership page, you'll notice the info about membership in the "What's New" section is old!

Don't see what's out of the ordinary? Just look at the image of the two penguins participating in the Great Snow Race. If I'm right, the Great Snow Race ended about a week ago. Come on Club Penguin! Start managing your info pages.

What do you think about this sign of laziness by the staff of Club Penguin? Leave a comment and let us know!

- Josh29, Club Penguin Agents Author


Anonymous said...

they update it every month. it is still in the great snow race month. theyll update it in september.

LoonyLunaPi said...


lol it is september.

Alfred9806 (aka Fred) said...


He might be living in a country where it isn't September yet. You'll never know.... And I'll never know too...

Anonymous said...

Club Penguin isn't lazy, but I think they will change it when there is a new event.