New Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 Homepage

Hello Penguins!
A new party for February 2012 has now released on the island. With tons of new items in the clothing catalog, a Fashion Show has been spotted at the gift shop from now until February 14. A new homepage is here to help advertise that the party has released on the island, as well as the Penguin Style Catalog for February 2012.
This is a really amazing homepage Club Penguin has put together for us at the Fashion Show party for 2012. I like how they show Cadence in the homepage, because she is coming for some rare appearances at this year's Fashion Show Party! I can't wait to find her this year at the Fashion Show Party and how her my great styles for February 2012. Overall, the homepage is amazingly decorated for the party. What do you think of the new homepage. Drop your thought below!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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