Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 Log in Screens

Hello Penguins!
The Club Penguin Team has released some new log in screens for this month's Fashion Show Party 2012. The 2 new log in screens are very different. The first one is about memberships. Like the Underwater Expedition Party, they had one exactly like this, only it was related to that party. Now this one will not only still advertise getting a membership for the party giving you more access to the Penguin Styles, it while have a new relation in party to the current one on the snowy island of Club Penguin.
Now, a second log in screen as taken place as well. This one is more on the side of going to the Fashion Show, rather than buying a membership to get more access to the latest styles. It gives a look at a yellow penguin dressed up very fancy, with her puffle, going down the runway while Cadence and another penguin are watching. This will show everyone how fun the Fashion Show Party is for 2012 and they will want to be in the show.
Wow, amazing new Fashions at the Gift Show have for sure gave the island a new twist. I can't wait to finally see what the Fashion Show Party really looks like in person.  What do you think of these new log in screens? I personally like them, because they give just a little sneak peek of what the Fashion Show will look like. What about you? Make sure to leave that comment below!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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