Club Penguin Log In Screen: Rockhopper's Quest

Hello Penguins!

Just recently, Club Penguin has released something new for the next party arriving on the island for February 2012. Most people have been investigating it and soon to be the called Rockhopper's Quest. A very fine quest related to 2008's Migrator's mission with the Hydro Hopper being placed into the island. It looks like a shipwreck on wild. This log in screen will show a little of that, but not a whole lot. Because, it is the being the beginning of the party.
Not much, as you can see in the picture, to figure out how to the party might really be. But, you can tell it's going to be a shipwreck themed quest. Sounds like more adventure like the Underwater Expedition Party, but it could be something totally different from what we think. I hope we can get some more idea of what the party might be like. What do you think of the log in screen? Leave your thought in a well written comment below!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

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