Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Cheats

Can you believe it?! The Puffle Party has arrived the island of Club Penguin! Well, it has give a huge smile on everyone's faces when they saw all the amazing features at this year's Puffle Party. At the puffle party this year, there is 3 free items for both non-members and members can snatch. An exclusive catalog for members, one room that is for members only, and you get to meet PH the Puffle Handler at the party this year.

At the party you first can start out at Town or Plaza. At either of those places you will be able to obtain a the first free item for non-members and members. Last year was a blue blue hat, however this year is a little Puffle Party hat. To retrieve this, go to Town or Plaza. Waddle over to the sign where it says "Free Item", click "yes" to obtain it into your inventory, and now you have the first free item at the Puffle Party 2012!
Now, there will be a sign at either Town or Plaza you will click this sign to go to the Puffle Play Zone center at the Ski Village. On the sign, there is the words "Go There", click that to seek your way into Puffle Land!
You will enter the room of the "Puffle Play Zone" area at the Ski Village. In there there is a hair cutting station for you or the puffle. An eating area is also provided for both the puffles and penguins. You can go fishing, go up to the attic, and look into the Puffle Spa. An exclusive puffle hat is also in that room to just for any of your puffles.
A catalog in the room is there just for members at this time. 10 different colors to a puffle costume of your choice. Each different color puffle custom is 400 coins and can be found at the button of the screen or at the table with the seats looking into the Puffle Spa room.
Now for the Puffle Spa room. In that room you have to be a puffle. To be more specif your own puffle that you've bought. Click your favorite color to be at the Puffle Spa or all around the island! When people got to this point, it was disappointing to all the non-members, because they are not allowed into the Puffle Spa room.
After that, you will enter the room. This the room is where life is among amazing for all the puffles. You can go into the pool, have a mud bath, puffle cleaner, run through tubes, and just have fun! To go to sleep, wave. To play, dance. To bounce, sit down. You don't have to be a puffle, just go to your player card to convert yourself back into a penguin!
Now for the last place int he Puffle Show area. In here you can show your puffle off by racing other puffles in a race. You can go into the crowd and cheer on your favorite puffle color or player. An addition photo booth has also been added to the room with a free item of a background and hat for your penguin.
To get the free background at the photo booth, you just have to follow 3 easy steps. First, go in front of the booth. Then, click the camera to take the picture of you, and finally click "yes" to accept it into your inventory.
Wow! You have just successfully completed the third party of the Club Penguin 2012 season. So far it's my favorite party, I love all the designs of the rooms. In fact, 5 of the 10 rooms all the Club Penguin puffles are located have been re-decorated this year with a new design.What do you think of this year's Puffle Party? Leave a comment below!
-King Boo8884 CPA Author

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