Club Penguin Free St. Patrick's Hat

Today as I was exploring the Puffle Party for 2012 at the Mine a saw something that Club Penguin hasn't done sense 2009. Back in March of 2009 they had a party celebrating St. Patrick's day. Well, at the Mine there is a free item for everyone to pick up this week in honor of St. Patrick's day. The room is decorated, but not a full on party.
However, when you try getting this item it will not let you. Sense it is an very old item, it goes to a loading phase and you'll have to log off because it will just keep loading and loading. Nothing with happen at that point.
I think it's a really great idea Club Penguin did this, because tons of people were complaining that there is no St.Patrick's day party. so they just decided to put a little party in one room. The thing that does ruin it is the that the free item doesn't work. Hopefully Club Penguin will fix this glitch sooner or later. What do you think of this brilliant idea of Club Penguin's? Post your thought below in a comment!

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